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2017 Print Catalog / Just Released - dozens of new products / accessories...
Accu-Glass Products is committed to providing the scientific and industrial vacuum community
with complete electrical wiring solutions - Solutions that allow fast and easy product
integration - Solutions that embrace all aspects of air-to-vacuum, or vacuum-to-air
wiring and connectivity.

The 2017 Catalog edition has been updated to include dozens of new products, including...
• Ceramic Subminiature-D and C TM Connectors
• Bulkhead-D TM Feedthroughs
• Microdot ® Coaxial Feedthroughs
• Borosilicate and Pyrex Glass Adapters
• AccuFlex TM Viewport Shutters
• Access Doors
• Swagelok ® Compression, and VCR ® Metal-Seal Fluid Feedthroughs
• Adjustable Pressure Relief Valves
• Over 100 Fitting-to-Flange Adapters, and dozens of Wiring Accessories.
The products presented in this new catalog are the result of our clear understanding of the industry's
demand for end-to-end air-to-vacuum wiring and connectivity solutions, where all electrical products
are designed and manufactured with both air and vacuum compatible connectors and accessories.

Accu-Glass Products, Inc.
Sales Department
(818) 365-4215


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